Wildflower Maroon

Photos from a recent trip to Mount Maroon. The purpose of this walk was to try and capture the abundance and variety of wildflowers in bloom among the summit plateau heaths.

Mount Barney, North Ridge/South Ridge

Having spent most of the last few months nurturing a dream of scaling Mount Barney's North Ridge, I was hardly deterred by today's forecast of light rain and bush burning (proudly announced by the weather bureau and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services, respectively - God bless their persistent diligence).

First Journeys - Mount Cordeaux

I knew I was going to be in for an interesting morning when my walking partner, Cherry - about to experience her first taste of the Aussie bush - revealed that she'd never been somewhere that didn't have phone reception... except the airport.

Mount Wagawn from Numinbah Valley

For this walk I parked at the QLD-NSW border and followed the fence up to Bushwalkers Cave, then the steep ridge to the top of Mount Wagawn and onwards to Araucaria Lookout.

Mount Superbus and Lizard Point

The Main Range from Lizard Point

An excellent day trip following the Main Range north from Teviot Gap.

Mount Clunie

Mount Clunie from the QLD-NSW border fence

It's almost impossible to exaggerate how steep this walk is.

Mount Bangalore

Central Main Range from Mt Bangalore

Mount Bangalore is a little known peak (don't believe me? Google barely even knows it exists). I ascended via the steep eastern slopes over trackless terrain but views from the northern and southern edges of the summit were spectacular.

Rat-a-Tat Hut Overnight Walk

Dad, Emily and I tackled the track to Rat-a-Tat Hut campsite on an overnight walk in February, in preparation for our upcoming Tasmanian adventure.

Box Forest Circuit

After the recent big rains I hit up Lamington for a short waterfall circuit walk.